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Dillon Kondor Interview


Hey Dillon, first I wanna say Happy Belated Birthday! Does it feel any different being 17?
Dillon:Hehe, does anyone use the word "belated" for anything but a birthday? I sure don't. Uh, 17 feels about the same, but, still i'm just gonna tell people i'm 16 for a year until i turn 18.
How is your senior year going?
Dillon: Great! I"m trying to work in school, as opposed to in the past when i didn't work as much. I know it sounds cheesy but it's really good to learn things. And i'm taking as much time as i can to do as much music as i can, too.
What did you do for Halloween this year? Did you dress up as anything?
Dillon: I was "Holden Caulfield" from Catcher in the Rye.
If you could be any cartoon character, who would you wanna be and why?
Dillon: Tweety, cuz he knows EXACTLY what he's doing. He's so darn sure that sylvester can't touch him.

I heard that Pip is making a second album, what's it gonna be like?
Dillon: It's gonna be, like i said on the website, a little more slick in terms of the sounds of the drums (not beats, just the actual sound of the drums) and the mixes and stuff, and the songs are gonna be the same assortment of hard/soft/pensive/jazzy/funky/rocky/folky, depending on what mood i'm in when i write them. There will be a few hip hop style raps, and some more keyboard based stuff since i'm trying to write more often on piano.
What do your friends at school think of your band?
Dillon: Generally, people like us because we put something out there for everyone. No matter what style of music you like you're bound to like ONE of our songs cuz they're all so different. Generally speaking, at least.
Yankees or Mets?
Dillon: Mets
What colleges are you interested in?
Dillon: It's hard to say, as of yet...
I saw you guys in the 11th and you were awesome! How does it feel when you're up there performing?
Dillon: It was cool to play my own music in front of that many people. Pip hasn't had a gig that big just because alex and i have been busy doing jesse stuff, so it was very cool to do that. We don't get nervous or anything, it just feels satisfying to put something out there that people are digging.
What do you think of our posts on the message board? lol
Dillon: Hehe i'm really flattered/you guys are really funny and cool.
Someone from the message board asked me to ask you this question:
Mary-Kate or Ashley?
Dillon: Neither, really.
I'm graduating 8th grade this year and I'm really excited! Are you excited for your graduation this year?
Haha, it hasn't hit me yet, really.
Thanks Dillon
Dillon: sure thing!