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Katie Spencer Interview


Hi Katie, I just wanna say that you and the guys did an awesome job at  Irvington!
thanks! :)

How is your senior year going?
it's going REALLY well! i'm not ready to leave. :(

Which colleges are you thinking of going to?
my college counselor and i just came up with a
semi-final list actually. it goes something like
this... cornell, yale (maybe), northwestern, penn,
syracuse, ithica, NYU (maybe), umich (maybe), and
umass (maybe). but i have no idea where i wanna go
yet! i think i'm going to decide after the acceptance
list comes back. :)

What did you do for Halloween this year? Did you dress
i didn't, sadly. i can't remember why... one of my
best friends, eric, dressed up as god's gift to women,
it was HILARIOUS! he wrapped himself in wrapping
paper, and put a bow on his stomache. and he wrote on
the front:
To: Women
From: God

If you had 1 wish, what would you wish for?
is this a selfish wish, or an end-world-hunger wish? i
think besies wishing all the pain away for the world,
i'd either like to be able to fly, or be a very
successful recording artist or actress in the future.

Did you like Dream Street? Did you ever see them in concert or meet them all?
i actually used to work with chris and greg (and of
course, jesse) back in the day, years before dream
street was even thought of. we go way back! :) though
i've never met matt or frankie. but they're all great
guys, i always supported them. (and i did see a couple
of their concerts.) :)

When Jesse goes to California is the band going to any of those shows?
as of now, we have no plans to. but we'll see, maybe!
i sure hope so!!

What star, presently, do you like the most? [Britney
Spears, Hilary Duff, Fefe Dobson, etc..]
my two favorite current recording artists are norah
jones and john mayer.

What was the last movie you saw in the movie theaters?
hmm... that's a good question. i can't even remember! it's been too long! but i'm going to see Elf soon- that looks so funny. i LOVE will farrel.

What's one of the most memorbale things that's happened during a rehearsal?
oooh, there are way too many to list. it's always a riot with those guys.

I'm graduating 8th grade this year, and I'm really excited! Are you looking forward to your graduation?
yeah, definitely. but i'm really sad to leave my school. i REALLY love my school!

What school activities are you involved in?
i'm vice president of the student body government,
captain of the girls varsity swim team, manager of the
boys varsity swim team, and i'm in the jazz chorus.
those are my most major involvements, i think. i lead
a bunch of smaller divisions / committees within the
student government, but those are the majors. :)

Since the magazine is called Invision, what do you
invision yourself doing in the future?
hopefully something with music, or perhaps film and
television. i want to try it all! :)