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INT Interview

When did you guys first know that you wanted to sing?

Kevin: I think it's different for each of us but I think we just realized collectively 5 years ago when we started singing together.

Individually was when we were all younger, a lot younger.

If you all had one wish what would you wish for?

Frank: I would just wish for success for the group you know that we just started out 5 years ago and we just wanna continue doin what we're doin you know you know and make sure things keep happening with our songs and everything. That's pretty much my wish.

Donnie: Yeah I agree with that. I agree with Frank.

Kevin: Yeah I would have to agree with that. Just success and progress for INT.

Steve: I would probably wish for the same along with everybodys health.

What's one of the most memorable moments that's happened during a rehearsal?

*everyone laughs* There's a LOT of memorable moments.

Kevin: "Um I don't know there are so many moments it's hard to pick a favorite."

Well we were recently rehearsing at a school, an Elementary School, actually a couple rehearsals ago a little kid walked in and was so happy to see us. That was a pretty memorable moment.

Kevin: "Yeah they all came in for our autograph."

Yeah we were surprised to see them cause it was in the evening. It was crazy they were screamin, little INT fans runnin around.

How would you guys describe your sound??

Our sound is very diverse. It ranges from pop to hip hop and r&b some of our stuff is a little bit you know directed towards the younger audience. And some is more mature and directed to the older audience. And there's just a lot of different sounds to it you can't really pick one.

Yeah like we have a lot of different sounds. There's nobody really out there right now that's really like us. We're different from everybody.

Yeah like lately it's been a lot about like punk and rock and stuff and we're just tryin to bring it back into pop and r&b a little bit, tryin to change things around a little bit.

How would you guys describe the process of making and recording an album?

Wow that's a really good question. We have a couple of words to describe it.

Long, tiring, but fun, there's a lot of work that goes into it. We were choosing songs and you know just a lot of hours awake and just writing songs, perfecting it.

We had more songs then that were on the album so there's were like some album cuts and sometimes we didn't want the songs to get cut but you've just gotta go with your gut feelings about which songs will be better with the fans.

It was a cool experience. An experience that I don't think anyone of us will ever forget like our first time recording our first album. We were in a really nice studio, slept there a couple of nights *everyone laughs*

We can't wait to get back into the studio.

Yeah it's long hours but it's what we love so.

How did you guys feel and where were you when you first heard your song on the radio?

We were in the car. We were drivin home and I just put the windows down and tried to let the world hear *everyone laughs*

Kevin: "Yeah I think I screamed out "THIS IS MY SONG!!" *everyone laughs* It was very surreal.

When you were growing up what kind of music were you guys listening to?

We'll go one at a time. Frank goes first.

Frank: "When I was little, I used to, my brother and I, we used to watch Michael Jackson you know and we'd try to replicate his moves. And I just like Michael Jackson songs they were great.

Donnie: Growing up I liked r&b stuff like Boys II Men, 112 and then as I was getting older I liked pop and stuff like *Nsync. So that's what I grew up with.

Steve: Growing up I listened to a lot of pop stuff starting from when I was like 2 I listened to Michael Jackson and everything like I had Thriller album, I had the video on tape and I would just keep watching the Thriller video. I was amazed with it. It was like my favorite kind of music. It still is.

Kevin: I just listened to whatever my parents were listening to. The first tape my mom brought home was Criss Cross Jump. And I played that over and over in my stereo for like 3 years. *everyone laughs* I love hip hop and I just grew up and started to love mroe r&b and pop. You know now we have a wider range and our taste of music now we've learned to appreciate everything.

Would you guys rather win a Grammy or have a platinum album?

Woah great question.

Steve: Me personally I'd rather have a platinum album cause that's when you know really like that the world's feelin your music.

You've got so much time to win a Grammy and everything I think, a platinum album, having one of those on the wall it shows a lot.

Donnie: Yeah I agree with that. A Grammy is something that's good for us but going Platinum is something we did for our fans and it makes you know that more people like you.

Kevin: Yeah especially today with so many people burning and downloading songs, to go platinum is a huge thing. It shows the support of the fans and it shows that they really care about your music.

How do you guys feel about your April 9th show being sold out?

Yeah we're excited. We've been waiting for this for a while now I mean we put a lot of hard work and practice, a lot of choreography, a lot of tough times but everythings just rollin and clickin and we're just ready to show everyone what we got.

So who is everyone in the group like who's the comedian, who's more shy, who's the most outgoing..

Kevin: Well behind closed doors all of us joke but I would have to say out of the whole group Steve would have to be the joker of the group.

Yeah and Frank's right behind him.
Kevin's been comin up with some jokes out of nowhere. *everyone laughes*

Donnie: This is Donnie and I'm just the not funny one. *everyone laughs*

Do any of the songs on your album have a special meaning?

I think all of our songs, thre's something behind each and every one of them. Like it's all personal experiences. It's just life experiences and we wanted to get it out to the world instead of keeping them bottled up inside.

Yeah it definitely was a way to get out our past experiences and emotions.

Some of the songs even speak for themselves. Just listen to the lyrics and they'll tell you the story that's behind them.

Like What Did I Do has to do with like our past relationships.

If you could plan the ultimate concert what artists and/or bands would you like to perform at it?

#1 Usher. 112, Michael Jackson. Boyz II Men.

I would say us *everyone laughs*

I would say definitely Destiny's Child you know if you listen to them they've got amazing voices and opening for them would be huge.

I have to ask this question since April 1st just passed, did any of you play any April fools jokes on anyone?

*everyone laughs* Steve broke his leg! And he couldn't do the concert on the 9th.

We showed up at rehearsal and Steve had an Ace Bandage wrapped around his leg and our managers almost flipped.

What CD do you guys have in your CD players right now?

Frank: Right now, I am proud to say, I have 112's new album in my car. It's redickculous!

Donnie: I have actually the concert CD in the car, the instrumentals. I've been just practicing in the car.

Steve: The album thats in my CD player right now is The Beatles. #1 hit right there.

Kevin: In my CD player is another 112 album.

What arist and/or band would you like to tour with and why?

Usher because he's a great performer and has a lot to offer and I can probably learn so much from him.

Yeah I agree with that.

And he's definitely one of the most exciting and enthusiastic performers I'd ever seen and like we said before *Nsync, if they came back that would be a fun tour.

Even if Michael Jackson, if he came back, and did like a pop crazy tour I'd definitely want in on that.

All of these people that we're mentioning right now are veterans in the music industry you know just working with them and seeing what they do, you know would really benefit us so that's kinda cool.

Have you guys ever had a weird experience with a fan or a group of fans?

*everyone laughs* Yeah Steve has!!

Steve: Oh great. Well the first concert I ever did I was in the Mens room and I turned around thinking that my group was still with me but they weren't, it was a girl. *everyone laughs* And she cornered me in and I had to get out. It was pretty crazy.

What's your favorite song off of the album?

Steve: Mine is Let Me Breathe.

Donnie: I like I Should Be The One.

Kevin: My favorite song would have to be What You Want.

Frank: My favorite song has to be Whatever It Is because that's our most diverse song.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Fresh Prince!!!! *everyone laughs*

Kevin: Believe it or not I'm addicted to fear Factor right now. It's funny watching people do stuff that they don't wanna do.

Frank: Ever see The O.C?

Me: I love that show!

Frank: Me too we should watch that together.

What are some of your favorite sports teams?


Yeah I like the Yankees

I like the Lakers too

I like the Yankees and The Giants.

I'm more of a Ravens fan.

Frank: Yeah I like basketball so I'm gonna go with the Knicks.

What's a typical day in the life of INT?

Kevin: I'll start, my day starts at like 6 a.m when I go to school. I get out of school around noon, go to practice and I get home. What time do we get home? Like 8:30, 9 sometimes?

Sometimes later.

Kevin: Yeah sometimes later. Then go to sleep and I wake up and I do it again.

Steve: I wake up usually at around like 10 I do a little choreography for maybe like 3 or 4 hours then I usually go to my stylist and get ready for the day. And then go to practice usually at around....whenever that is *everyone laughs* Practice is like 2-3 hours, come home and started writing lyrics for the 2nd album. And then go to sleep.

Kevin: Sleep is probably the highlight of my day.

Donnie: I wake up, usually early, I usually wake up pretty early and hook up with the guys and we rehearse for a while. I usually work on beats in the morning that's usually my best time. My mind is rested and I just make music.

Frank: I wake up and, like Kevin, I just do whatever in the morning and I'm usually with the guys in the gym in the afternoon time and work out for a little bit. And then we go to rehearsal and practice for all the upcoming shows!

What's one place that you guys dream of performing in one day?

All at once: Madison Square Garden!!

When you guys meet a girl whats the first thing that you usually notice?

Kevin: I usually notice her eyes and her smile.

Steve: I usually notice her face like if she has a cute face I'm gonna talk to her.

Donnie: I think a body is pretty attractive. Cause like we said we go to the gym so we meet a lot of people in the gym and I just like attractive bodies and cute faces.

Frank: I like girls with nice teeth . Teeth are really important to me. If they have a really nice smile you know it goes a long way. But looks aren't everything like, you can't just judge right across the bat from looks, you have to like go up to them and talk to them and really get to know them before you find out who they are.

Being from New York have you guys seen any celebrities or ran into any celebrities?

Yeah we've met a lot of people.

We've met Wyclef, Foxy Brown.

J-Lo we met J-Lo in the studio. We met Raz B from B2K when we were on the West Coast and we met Michael Jacksons father.

We got the chance to meet his father.

Mario, you know who Mario is right?

Me: Yeah

Yeah we met Mario.

What do you guys have planned for this summer?

Hopefully just a lot of shows and a lot of touring.

Just being busy. A bunch of shows.

What was your first concert like?

Nerve wracking!

A little disorganized. But it turned out good, we did a good job.

We did it ourselves too. We had no management at the time and we pretty much put our whole show together from choreography to vocals.

We actually watched a taping of it the other day and it was very interesting cause we've gotten so much better that it's just like a good reminder of where we've been.

So what do you guys do before a show like do you have a certain ritual?

Well usually we pray in a circle.

We usually pray before every show.

We get everyone involved from our choreographer, to our sound guys and everything.

And our back up dancers. This is our first show with back up dancers so they'll be involved in the prayer.

And then after that usually panic a little *everyone laughs*

I'm gonna say some words and you choose what you like out of the two:

*Nsync or The Backstreet Boys: *All at once* *Nsync!!!!

Apples or oranges: Oranges!

I like oranges.




Singing or dancing: *All at once* Singing.

New York or California: New York!

Even though California's nice, it's not nicer then New York.

Summer or Winter: *All at once* Summer!!

Beach or the Pool: *All 3* Beach!!!!

Steve: POOL!! POOL!! POOL!!

*Everyone laughs* That's Steve he likes the pool, the rest of us like the beach.

What is your idea of the perfect date with a girl?

Frank: My perfect date you know I'd ask her out to a nice restaurant. You know order some nice food. I'm Italian so it'd most likely be a nice Italian Cusine, you know candlelights and everything, real romantic. The end of the night go get some ice cream, we can watch a movie, and you know maybe ask her to marry just kidding *everyone laughs*

Donnie: My perfect date would be during the summer cause I like the beach. So we'd spend some time down at the beach in the sun and back down to the beach at night after we go out to eat or something. I like Italian food also.

Steve: I like going out but my ideal date would probably be gettin some take out like sushi, California Rolls, something of that nature. And then just lay on the couch and just relax and watch a movie or somethin.

Kevin: I think my perfect date would be doing something fun cause I'm a fun kinda guy. Like going to a park or something like Dorney then coming home relaxin with a nice dinner and maybe watch a movie on the couch.

So you guys mentioned school do you go or when do you guys go?

Kevins still in high school.

Kevin: Yeah I'm in high school right now I'm a senior. They shortened my schedule to make it easier on me. So I only have something like 6 or 7 periods a day. Then after school we just go right to the gym or rehearsal.

Frank: I'm in college right now, part time, I'm just doin whatever I can right now. Kinda hard with the music and everything I don't take as many credits as I should but I'm goin to college right now and you know what an engineer is right?

Me: Yeah.

Frank: I'm goin to school for that right now. Hopefully for the next album I'll be the engineer for some of our songs.

Donnie: Then me and Steve, we aren't in school right now. It's one of our favorite things in the world but unfourtunately we can't do it at the moment.

If you could invent a car what kind of car would you invent?

Steve said he was thinkin about that the other day.

Steve: I SWEAR I was thinkin about it!!

Definitely a couple of years from now when we're successful, I wanna start my own car company where there's only like 25 million on the world and I was thinkin about something like some kind of luxurious car. Like something along the lines of a Bentley but drive like a BMW. Something along those lines.

Kevin: If I could make a car I'd probably make like a truck that's really like luxurious. Something that's good for the environment, something that doesn't take too much gas.

Donnie: I'd like to invent a car that goes back in time. *everyone laughs*

Kevin: I believe they made a movie on that.

So have you guys seen any movies in the movie theater lately?

Nah we've been too busy.

Steve: Well I've seen Bambi..nah I'm just kidding.

*Everyone laughs*

Huge thanks  to Derek for organizing the interview!!

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